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1969-2019: Hotel Ambassador****and the lunar landing


“Exactly 50 years ago, the lunar soil was conquered by Neil Armstrong. The whole world was immobile and amazed by the magic of the first images sent by the astronauts on a mission… progress was finally advancing… ”a small step for man but a great leap for humanity”… and at the same time, in the still wild marsh of Bibione, a small big dream was born…with great dedication, passion and desire to evolve the Hotel Ambassador was taking shape.”


Today, with an immeasurable joy, we would like to share with you our half century of work..

Thanks to our former customers and to our determination we transformed what was initially a dream, into a real and consolidated project.
Thanks to our today’s customers we continue to improve and make ourselves known.
Thanks to our future customers we will be able to evolve with increasingly advanced technologies and ideas.


50 anniversario


On the occasion of these two special anniversaries that unmistakably mark the beginning of a new historical period both for humanity and for Bibione, we want to make the atmosphere of our hotel magical by offering you a series of games and services: 

Every evening, as soon as the moon shines in the sky, a fun lottery will begin. The prizes will be divided into free services like or delicious goodies.
How to partecipate? During the day there will be at the reception desk a trunk containing different cards. The one who will fortunately extract the nr. 50 will win the “galactic” prize!

“Memories beat inside us like a second heart” Jhon Banville said. For this reason in the common areas of the hotel some exhibitors will be installed with some photographs from the past… not to be missed for vintage lovers.

Taste of salt, taste of sea and moon dust… for the Gourmet enthusiasts, an a la carte menù recreated specifically for the union of these two unmissable anniversaries. Let yourself be carried away by our tastes for the palate.

Every evening on our “Skybar” panoramic terrace, admiring the beautiful moon of Bibione, cocktail lovers can try to guess the ingredients of “Ambassador Drink” specially created by our professional Bartender. Who will discover the whole formula of the magical cocktail will have a free aperitif / drink sipped (Remember to register for the competition to partecipate).


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