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What you can do with your significant other in Bibione?

Here’s a list of things

Tramonto in Laguna          Club Terme          Biciclette

What could be more romantic than a spectacular sunset while walking to the Bibione lighthouse hand in hand with your significant other?
It may be a perfect starting point for those who love sailing in the quiet sea of romance.
Yet not all couples are the same and that’s why there are so many possibilities in Bibione.
One of them, also at sunset, includes an unforgettable excursion on boat or kayak across the lagoon. Floating in the lagoon of Bibione you can explore with your significant other the magic network of lush and green canals dotted with typical fishermen’s houses popping up from the water, “Casoni”, as they are affectionately called.
On the mainland you can take your partner on a hike through the wild side or go on a bike ride with them.
Couples who wish to spend some quality leisure time cannot miss the chance to go to the Baths of Bibione, symbol of wellness and peace of mind.
Couples who are really into sports can also easily take part in organized treks on horseback, go canoeing or even parafly!
Speaking of romance, Bibione is only a few miles away from Venice and Verona.
What better occasion to visit with your significant other two of the most romantic cities in Italy?


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