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Wellness on the top

Experiencing our wellness you will discover endless ways to indulge yourself. On the upper floor you can find swimming area where you will touch the sky and the stars during the night.

In our Hotel in Bibione, the pool is heated to maintain a certain microclimate inside the area. Thanks to its unique form you can swim freely admiring blue sky or the stars. Floor tiles with wood effect will create comfortable, soft touch for your feet.

A few steps away you find whirlpool tubs where you can admire panorama of coastal Bibione relaxing your body under thousands of water bubbles. Emotional showers will delight you with the entire palette of steam jet sensations, aromas and colors, bringing relaxation and harmony to your body and soul.

Our roof-top refreshment area offers unique cocktails, snacks and delicious gelato ice cream. Our panoramic wellness heaven is not the only place to relax and revitalize in the hotel. Sitting area of our soft-bar on the ground floor offers perfect place to relax and pamper yourself during leisure hours.

Ambassador is the ideal Hotel with pooland wellness area in Bibione, for your relax a few steps from the sea!


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