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Ecological sustainability

The concept of "simple luxury" also comes from technological innovations that take into consideration ecological issues. We care about the health of Bibione; we know that our task is to protect it, imposing the minimum environmental impact. A tourist destination that continues to be appreciated by tourists must maintain a healthy relationship with the sea and the nature that it inhabits.

Our goal is to make our guests' holiday ever more comfortable. That is why, on the basis of what we have proposed, today our hotel uses "green" solutions that are surely appreciated:

  • an air conditioning system with air recovery, which avoids the introduction of hot air into the atmosphere, which is used appropriately to increase the temperature of the hotel's sanitary water.
  • a pellet heating system, which allows "neutral CO2" combustion, because the carbon dioxide released during combustion is equal to that which is transformed by plants during its life cycle through photosynthesis.
  • a photovoltaic system that contributes into generating energy directly from the sun. This green energy is used to generate the electricity used at the structure. Furthermore all the light bulbs in the hotel are energy efficient.
  • a charging service for electric cars: there are charging columns to allow our guests full autonomy in terms of mobility, not impacting the environment even on vacation.




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