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Our Animators

Let's get to know Valerie: one of our Animators

Animazione"What's your name?"
"Valerie. "
"How old are you?"
"21. "
"How many years have you been an animator?"
"For 5 years."
"Do you like your job?"
"I like children very much and I have fun staying with them."
"What do you prefer to do with them?"
"Baby dance is the activity I like doing the most. But also playing in the water because they enjoy it a lot. "
"Why did you decide to become an animator?"
"I'm pretty shy and I wanted a job that gave me the opportunity to express what I feel I can offer to others."
"Do you see this work in your future?"
"Yes because it gives me so much satisfaction and I'm happy to contribute to the growth of our next."


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