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Simply in form

Would you like to return to your ideal weight and rebalance body and mind in a pleasant, healthy, stress-free way personally followed by a true professional of nutrition?

Hotel Ambassador Bibione has designed a customized package all about Health and Wellness: SIMPLY IN FORM.

Dedicated diet program to reduce weight finding right balance between body and mind without any stress.

Thanks to healthy, balanced nutrition and active walks in the open air it will be easy to quickly reach the defined goals.

It 'a health path developed by a physician actively collaborating with hotel Ambassador.

An experienced professional in personalized nutrition included in the register of medical practitioners of Venice is able to deliver optimum result with every step towards proper and healthy dining regime.


This package was made for those who want:
- learn to dine in a healthy and simple way, discovering true taste of every ingredient;
- reduce or return to ideal weight remaining balanced and keeping it that way;
- discover how to live well in harmony with your body;
- transform your holiday experience into a lifestyle full of serenity and well-being.
Our psychophysical well-being begins with a healthy, balanced ration while dieting is the best way to detoxing and purification of your organism.


The first step with diagnostics and medical consultancy will help building a program to achieve concrete results. Personal food plan will be prepared in a sustainable way also for prolonged periods with healthy, light and delicious food using innovative techniques for healthy cooking. In addition, correct diet approach is a reliable ally for prevention of chronic diseases.
New lifestyle will help to lose weight quickly and with warranty of returning your original weight without any stress.


Wellness package SIMPLY IN FORM provides
Hyposodic diet with slimming detox program from 7 to 14 days including:
first medical checkup to collect anthropometrical data (measurement of body weight, height, circumferences, etc.);
a meeting to define the objectives to achieve where the personalized diet program will be developed in line with the duration of the stay;
final medial checkup to verify the objectives that have been achieved;
extended diet program to maintain during long periods upon request.


All the meetings will be held in a hotel room on Mondays or Fridays from 18.00 to 22.00 with duration around 30-45 minutes.
FROM your arrival date TO departure date, it’s your SIMPLY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.
7-8 days package € 380,00 stay and full-board excluded – 50% discount at € 190,00
14-15 days package with € 580,00 stay and full-board excluded – 50% discount at € 290,00
Important: advises and personal instructions have no time limitations also after vacation when you turn home.

• Offer is available during our booking online immediately after offer selection on page 2.


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