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À la carte restaurant

From today open to public.

From today the quality of Ambassador à la carte restaurant is opened to the public.
Every day, from 12.30 to 13.30 and from 19 to 20.30, it is possible to taste the gourmet dishes and exclusive works of our chefs thanks to our new à la carte menu with a wide choice of carefully selected recipes.

Explore gastronomic delights with the perfect combination of the sea flavours and local tradition.
Treat yourself to unique sensations for your palate blending local ingredients and new cooking techniques featuring creativity and passion of our Chefs.

The speed and efficiency of the service will not make you waste even a moment of sunshine unveiling excellence of local cuisine with Ambassador's chefs without losing even a minute of the beach leisure.

Our à la carte lunch is the ideal solution for a quick, tasty and memorable lunch. Come and taste it to feel right at home as you savour our specialties, prepared with raw materials precisely controlled and certified by Ambassador's chefs.

The restaurant will be open to public from 21 May until 19 September 2021.


Caprese with Apulian burrata, balsamic citronette, basil drops and extra virgin olive oil
12,00 €
Parma ham with melon, rocket and pear jam 13,00 €
Fassona beaten meat with egg yolk and truffle 15,00 €
Salmon tartare with mango and soy sauce on mixed salad and citronette 15,00 €
Octopus with potatoes salad and olives from Taggia 14,00 €
Bread wafer with mixed salad, fennel, avocado, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and Auricchio-cheese 12,00 €


First courses

Burrata ravioli with chopped olives and dried tomatoes 12,00 €
Spaghetti carbonara 12,00 €
Pennoni noodle amatriciana 12,00 €
Bigoli noodle with garlic, oil, hot pepper and mullet roe 14,00 €
Gnocchi with cherry tomato and smoked ricotta 12,00 €
Egg tagliolini noodle, with prawns, zucchini and yellow cherry tomatoes 14,00 €
Risotto with Seasonal vegetables and saffron 14,00 €


Second courses

Slashed Fassona steak with rocket, parmesan flakes and balsamic reduction 17,00 €
Grilled Sea bass or sea bream from the Adriatic sea 17,00 €
Fried squid and prawns with julienne vegetables 15,00 €
Seared tuna marinated in soy sauce and lime on zucchini cream 16,00 €
Adriatic sea fish soup 16,00 €
Grilled pork chop with baked potatoes 14,00 €


Desserts of the day

Some of the dishes and food served in this restaurant may contain substances that cause allergies or intolerances.

If you are allergic or intolerant to one or more substances, please let us know, and we will tell you which dishes do not contain the specific allergens.


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