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The Ambassador Restaurant in Bibione - Quality in endless variations

Taste new and different flavours is an important part of a holiday therefore the Ambassador Hotel is the best for you.

We serve every day a fresh breakfast buffet with a wide selection of fruits, cheeses, Croissanterie and over 60 different and always fresh salt&sweet products; the best way to brighten your morning.

Hotel Ambassador cuisine offers a wide-ranging variety of local dishes of the Veneto region tradition to fulfil any kind of desire. We love to offer to our guests a really accurate menu with many options and to provide a comfortable ambience to better taste the food and to enjoy your meal relaxing and viewing a charming panorama from our terrace.

Freedom and naturalness is our motto , even for the dinner service. Stay with us and you will be autonomous to choose your time, your food and to sit in the outside terrace.

Ambassador, the Hotel with restaurant in Bibione.


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