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Discover the lagoon and the Tagliamento River mouth

Discover the lagoon and the Tagliamento River mouth

The nature of Bibione is nice to see but also great to live. Some of the most spectacular views are given by the lagoon and the dense network of canals unravelling in every direction.
Then there are rushes, emerging lands, the famous “casoni” (the ancient dwelling of fishermen made of wood and canes).
Plenty of flowers of every colour (like the wonderful ones which turn violet in spring). The Tagliamento river mouth, thanks to its special ecosystem, is called the King of Alpine rivers.
Here you will find a huge variety of flora and fauna, like the typical orchids and flowers of the Alps.
The lagoon is crossed by the Litoranea Veneta, a network of navigable canals going from Venice to Trieste.


Tramonto in Laguna     Casoni     Faro Tagliamento


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